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september 6, 2014


FIGHT/ASSAULT: On 09/06/14 at 01:19, a RA at McKay Village called to report two females fighting; Flagstaff Police Department also received a call regarding this event.

Cpl. Shiffer, Officer Hinte, Officer
Cooper, and Officer Watson were
dispatched. Parties were separated upon arrival. Flagstaff Fire and Guardian
Medical were dispatched code 1 for a
head injury. Patient refused transport
and did not want to pursue charges.
Reference DR # 14-0923 mutual
combat, information only.

Information Only
01:46 PUBLIC INTOXICANT: On 09/06/14 at 01:46, USA’s reported
a subject stumbling and trying to hitchhike along San Francisco
near the Skydome.
Officer Watson was dispatched. Cpl.
Shiffer and Officer Cooper assisted.
Subject was deferred for minor in
consumption and a female was given a
PA ride to Wilson Hall. Reference DR
# 14-0924 deferred.
Deferred for Minor Consumption
03:01 DISTRUBING THE PEACE: On 09/06/14 at 03:01, a resident of Calderon Learning Community called to report approximately 20
subjects being loud in the courtyard.

Officer Watson was dispatched and Officer Hinte assisted. Subjects left
upon arrival of officers, everything was fine.

Information Only
15:52 DRUG OFFENSE: On 09/06/14 at 15:52, a resident of Gabaldon
Hall reported the odor of marijuana in the hall.
Officer Greenwald was dispatched. A
deferral was issued to the subject.
Marijuana was seized and put into
evidence at NAUPD. Refer to DR #14-
19:04 DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 09/06/14 at 19:04, a resident
called to report screaming coming from a building at Pine Ridge Village intermittently for approx. two hours.
Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
Nothing unusual was found.
Information Only
23:30 DISTURBING THE PEACE: On 09/06/14 at 23:30, a resident at the Suites called to report an ongoing issue with skateboarders
being loud.
Officer Hinte was dispatched and Officer Cooper assisted. Subjects were advised to quiet down. Advised to Quiet Down

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