Departments of Biological Sciences

National Science Foundation
Research Experience for Undergraduates
in Behavioral and Conservation Sciences

Summer 2009 Program

February 16, 2009 

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Number of credit hours you have completed as an undergraduate

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The names of the persons who will be providing letters of reference for you:

How did you learn about the REU program at Northern Arizona University?


Please list the university level courses that you have taken that might be relevant to your qualification for this program:


Type your personal statement of interest in the REU program in Behavioral and Conservation sciences, in the context of your career goals.

For a hard copy of the application, click here.

Requirements for Participation:

  1. You must be a U. S. citizen or a legal resident of the U.S.
  2. Completed Application Form*
  3. Demonstration of high academic performance (provide student copy of transcripts from all colleges/universities attended; official transcripts will be requested if you are chosen for the program)*.
  4. Two letters of reference from Professors, Advisors, or Employers*
  5. A statement of your interest in doing undergraduate research in behavioral and conservation sciences, in the context of your career goals.*
  6. Proof of measles immunization.*
  7. Student participants are expected to devote full-time to their research training and projects. Students are not allowed to register for additional classes or have employment during the NAU summer program. Preference will not be given to first time applicants over those who have participated in the program in previous years.

*Please include with application material, due by February 16, 2009.


Instructions for writing recommendations for

 REU students

The student who has asked for a letter of recommendation is an applicant to the summer REU program at Northern Arizona University.  Since we will already have the relevant transcripts, your input is most helpful providing specific examples in the following non-cognitive areas:

  1. The time and circumstances under which you have known the student.
  2. Exceptional strengths of the applicant.
  3. The applicant’s emotional maturity.
  4. The applicant’s ability to get along with peers and faculty.
  5. Extenuating circumstances that need to be taken into account in interpreting this applicant’s grades.
  6. Does learning per se seem to interest the applicant, and does he/she perform up to his/her potential?
  7. Particular characteristics you have observed which you feel would interfere with or enhance a summer research internship.

Send your letter to:  

Northern Arizona University

Department of Biological Sciences

c/o Becky Beresic-Perrins, REU Coordinator

P.O. Box 5640

Flagstaff, Arizona 86011


NOTE: Under The Family Rights and Privacy Act, the student will have access to your letter of recommendation.