Northern Arizona University

Departments of Biological Sciences & Psychology


National Science Foundation

Research Experience for Undergraduates

in Behavioral and Conservation Sciences


Proposed Program Dates:  May 26 - August 5, 2009


The purpose of this program is to provide undergraduate students, especially under-represented minority and first-generation college students, with the opportunity to participate in an intensive research program.  This experience will prepare those students for graduate work in the neural and behavioral sciences.  Each student in the program will be paired with a faculty research mentor working on her/his on-going research projects.  This project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation - Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.


The program consists of several parts.  During the summer, the students will take part in a ten (10) week session introducing them to the fields of neural and behavioral sciences.  This session will include research seminars on the projects of the research and teaching faculty, lectures on recent research discoveries, and instruction in ethical behavior in the use of animal and human subjects in research.  Students will work directly with faculty in their labs on on-going research projects.


The grant covers the following student expenses:

$4500 summer stipend

$1100 Housing allowance

Expenses related to the research project and training sessions



Requirements for Participation:

1) You must be a U. S. citizen or a legal residence of the U. S.

2)  Completed Application Form

3)  Demonstration of high academic performance (provide student copy of transcripts from all colleges/universities attended; official transcripts will be requested if you are chosen for the program).

4)  Two letters of reference from Professors, Advisors, or Employers

5)  A statement of your interest in doing undergraduate research in neural and behavioral sciences, in the context of your career goals.

6)  Proof of measles immunization.

7)  Student participants are expected to devote full-time to their research training and projects.  Students are not allowed to register for additional classes or have employment during the NAU summer program.  Preference will be given to first time applicants over those who have participated in the program in previous years.


For students working with Biology Department faculty, they are encouraged to have had calculus or statistics, physiology or cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry.


A small fund to assist travel to Flagstaff to participate in the REU program is available for students from other colleges or universities.


The summer session program will begin on May 26, 2009.  The final schedule of the program will be distributed in June.




Northern Arizona University

Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology


National Science Foundation

Research Experience for Undergraduates

in Neural and Behavioral Sciences


Summer 2009 Program






Your Name  _________________________________________________


Current Address:__________________________________________________________




Telephone Number: __________________ E-mail address _______________________


Permanent Address and Telephone Number:








Social Security No. ________________________  Birth date: _____________________


Gender __________________


Ethnicity  (Check one):     (   ) African American          

(   )  Native American

(   )  Asian American           

(   )  Caucasian

(   )  Hispanic or Latino    

(   )  Pacfic Islander

(   ) Other: Please specify ___________________________


Are you a U.S. citizen? ________      If not, you are not  eligible to participate in this program.


Total number of years your father attended college or university      __________________


Total number of years your mother attended college or university     __________________


Current Undergraduate Major ________________________________________________


Your College or University __________________________________________________


Current GPA ____________ Number of Credit Hours You Have Completed _________


When do you expect to graduate? _____________  Current status: Fr   So  Jr  Sn


Career Choice ___________________________________________________________


The names of the persons who will be providing a letter of reference for you:


1.  _____________________________________________________________________


2.  _____________________________________________________________________



Please list the university level courses that you have taken that might be relevant to your qualification for this program (e.g., physiology, statistics, calculus, experimental psychology, biology and psychology courses)


__________________________________  __________________________________ 


__________________________________  __________________________________ 


__________________________________  __________________________________ 


__________________________________  __________________________________ 


__________________________________  __________________________________ 



On a separate sheet type your personal statement of interest in the REU program in neural and behavioral sciences, in the context of your career goals.

Northern Arizona University

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program