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Group Photos

Summer 2008

Left to Right: Ernesto Rodriguez, Randy Scott, Patrick Ziehmn, Sisi Gao, Susanna Bird, Becky Beresic-Perrins, Stephanie McCormick, Stephen Shuster, Tina Ayers, Laura Williams, Matthew Koski, Russell Benford  (Not pictured:  Samantha Kushner and Megan Partyka)


Summer 2007

Left to Right: Gillian Generosa, Anne-Marie Hodge, Louis Holmes, Megan Partyka, Mitch Bern, Kelly Walsh

(not pictured: Katie Saunders)


Summer 2006

Left to Right: Barbara Simeles, Lindsey Drayton, Donnelly West, Katie Colpitts, Katie Saunders, Nick Ballew


Summer 2005

Left to Right: Raena Cota (GA), Rebecca Romasco, Joyce Wu, Tim Miller, Michael Greene, Amy Fabritius

(not pictured: Ken Sterling, Chris Pearson)


Summer 2004

Top row from left to right: Tonia Begay, Michael Greene, Andrea Paseka

Bottom row from left to right: Erin Strasser, Brittny Somley, Naomie Kraus, Emily Arnold, Shawna Behm


Summer 2003

From left to right: Jose Ballesteros, Jay Nagtalon, Emily Arnold, Emily Omana (GA), Jessica Blanton, Alvina Kittur, Terri Halloran, Brittny Somely