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Vol. 3, No. 2 | April 1, 2008


We Want You: SPAC Seeking New Members | SPAC Mixer to be Held April 8th | Service Professional Spotlight: Stan Clark | SPAC Brown Bag Seminar Series for Spring 2008

We Want You: SPAC Seeking New Members

Do you ever wonder what is happening behind the scenes on campus or what new things are coming down the pike? Do you question how and why decisions are made? As a member of SPAC, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in some of the decision making processes that affect service professionals, as well as learning about campus initiatives, strategic planning, the NAU master plan and more.

SPAC is currently accepting nominations for new Council members, and we want YOU to consider becoming a member.  You can be nominated by a Dean, Director or Department Chair, or you may nominate yourself.

Nominees should be interested in working for their fellow service professionals on a wide range of issues. Time commitments include meeting as a council once per month and participation on one or two other task forces, committees, or university work groups as a representative of the SPAC.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, April 25, 2008. More information and the nomination form may be found on our nomination page. You may also email with questions.

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Uncle Sam Pointing


SPAC Mixer to be Held April 8th

On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 2:00-4:00 p.m., in University Union, Havasupai A-C, the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC) will be hosting an annual meeting and mixer for service professionals.

According to the by-laws of the SPAC: "The Service Professional Advisory Council shall call an annual meeting of all service professional staff at least once each fiscal year." In the past, we fulfilled this obligation by hosting the summer conference employee development day. That event has grown so large that it has become a collaborative effort of several groups on campus; therefore, SPAC will hold this mixer as a new annual event for Service Professionals.

We will have light snacks and beverages and will use this opportunity to announce the recipient of the 2008 Leadership Award. This award recognizes an NAU employee for highly significant contributions, achievements, and service in leadership to the University or the community.

Use this convenient online form to RSVP.

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Service Professional Spotlight: Stan Clark

“I grew up feeling like you’re supposed to make things better.”

For many of us at NAU, Stan Clark stands out as one of the most positive people you could ever meet. His impact on the functioning of social relationships at NAU—from the individual to whole units—has been enormous and long-lasting. Stan has been on the Service Professional Advisory Council for the past 3+ years, and has been instrumental in coordinating the Summer Conference as well as the SPAC Brown Bag Seminar series.

Stan Clark came to NAU from Cochise County, Arizona, in 1993, and has worked at the Office of Employee Assistance and Wellness ever since. In Cochise County he had a private practice in counseling and consulting, provided wellness-oriented workshops, and taught at the Cochise Community College.


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Stan Clark, Psychologist,
Employee Wellness and Assistance

SPAC Brown Bag Seminar Series for Spring 2008

The SPAC Brown Bag Seminar Series continues through the spring semester. Here are the details for the April and May sessions.

Inspiring Positivity: Tools for Diffusing Negativity in the Workplace

Date: April 30, 2008, noon to 1 pm (we will serve beverages around 11:30)
Presenters: Cindy Chilcoat, Human Resources Consultant (HR); Gina Vance, Administrative Director (Distance Learning); and Suzanne Botello, Counselor and Life Coach (EAW)
Location: School of Communication, Room 118
Grumbling and complaining can accompany change, whether it’s about increased parking fees, restructuring, or budget cuts. While some may be justified, it can have a negative influence on the workplace, creating a counterproductive “us vs. them” attitude. How can supervisors help diffuse some of this negativity and create an atmosphere where change can be understood in a more positive manner? Come to this panel discussion to find out ways to introduce and foster positivity. A short role-play session will give practical tips.

Strategic Planning: High Impact Tools and Activities

Date: May 28, 2008, noon to 1 pm (we will serve beverages around 11:30)
Presenter: Eva Hatchner, Planning & Policy Analyst, PAIR
Location: School of Communication, Room 118
By now you have probably heard the term 'strategic planning'. In this session we will help you understand the benefits of strategic planning: providing new direction, prioritizing efforts, improving management practices, and allocating resources purposefully. A good strategic plan includes vision, values, and mission, and helps an organization focus its activities to achieve a few, well-defined goals. During this session we will explore tools and activities that bring strategic planning from a theoretical exercise to a real, functional plan. You will try some of these creative activities (yes, we will play!) that you can later use to engage your unit in the planning process.

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