Service Professional Spotlight

Stan Clark, Psychologist, Employee Wellness and Assistance

Stan Clark

“I grew up feeling like you’re supposed to make things better.”
For many of us at NAU, Stan Clark stands out as one of the most positive people you could ever meet. His impact on the functioning of social relationships at NAU—from the individual to whole units—has been enormous and long-lasting. Stan has been on the Service Professional Advisory Council for the past 3+ years, and has been instrumental in coordinating the Summer Conference as well as the SPAC Brown Bag Seminar series.

Stan Clark came to NAU from Cochise County, Arizona, in 1993, and has worked at the Office of Employee Assistance and Wellness ever since. In Cochise County he had a private practice in counseling and consulting, provided wellness-oriented workshops, and taught at the Cochise Community College.

When he and his wife decided to move to Flagstaff there happened to be an opening at EAW which was a perfect fit for his skills, and he started there as a Counselor and Wellness Coordinator, while his wife began a masters program in Applied Sociology. One of the first things he was tasked with was working with a committee to develop and implement the Safe Working and Learning Environment policy and training.

In 2002, Stan earned his Ed.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology from NAU’s College of Education. By the time he was licensed as a psychologist in 2003, he had moved into a full-time counseling and consulting role, leaving his wellness coordination duties behind.

In a typical week, Stan may be involved in individual counseling, departmental consulting, crisis intervention, committee work for SPAC, service on dissertation or thesis committees, training workshops, and activities for departmental staff retreats. He says he thrives on such a diversity of duties. Stan also teaches a graduate course called Consultation in the Helping Professions through the College of Education.

“I see evidence every day that people can do things they think they don’t know how to do.”
Stan particularly enjoys consulting with departments because such work often results in  greater well being for many individuals at once. He loves problem solving, and enjoys collaborating and improvising as unexpected developments emerge.

Stan is also involved in conflict management consultation. This service involves assisting two or more employees who are having difficulty resolving conflicting reactions to a challenging issue to regroup, identify common ground, and try new ways to pursue progress. In cases like these, Stan provides a patient, non-judgmental approach that helps those involved to focus on underlying values, self-support, and incremental steps toward mutually desired changes.

Family Man, Musician, Cyclist, Nature Lover
Outside of NAU, Stan is devoted to his family and is involved in a lot of family activities. One of the reasons Stan and his wife chose Flagstaff was the quality of the public school system, and with one child now out of high school, and one a junior at Flagstaff High School, he says that the schools have been wonderful.

He is also very involved in music, and has been since he was a teenager. His father was a professional musician in Austin, Texas, playing at several Farm Aid concerts and for Willie Nelson Picnics. His father even had a bit part as a horse thief in the Willie Nelson movie, Red Headed Stranger.  Stan also played for Willie Nelson Picnics as a young man, and now plays bass and guitar (solo and with a local band) and writes songs.

Another of the reasons Stan and his wife moved to Flagstaff was for the environment. He is an avid mountain biker. A little over a year ago, Stan and his wife decided to give up their second car, and now Stan bikes to and from work at least eight months of the year.

If you’re interested in meeting Stan, you can attend his next workshop, Stories We Tell Others, Stories We Tell Ourselves, in collaboration with Tony Norris. This will be on Tuesday, April 15, from 1:30 – 4:30 pm in Havasupai Room A/B at the University Union. To register for that event, e-mail or call 928-523-7797.

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