Service Professional Spotlight

Robin Long, CCC2NAU Coordinator

Terri Hayes

The "Service" in Service Professional

Robin Long takes ‘service’ seriously in her role as a Northern Arizona University Service Professional. 

Robin joined the NAU team in 1998 and has held a handful of positions; all of them focused on her area of expertise, student services.   Robin just started her newest adventure as the CCC2NAU Coordinator.  She will continue to do what she does best – help students.  “I am never happier than when working 1:1 answering a student’s questions and directing them to useful resources.”  Her case load has been as large as 450 students and she gives students the individualized attention they require.  She maintains relationships with many of them after they graduate and considers these students part of her extended family.  After visiting her office it’s easy to see the students feel the same way…her office is covered with notes and accolades from her students and colleagues. 

Robin is the mother of two teenage boys and the wife of a pastor.  These two elements have no doubt lent themselves to Robin’s natural ability to multi-task.  Robin’s background is non-traditional to say the least.  Her dad worked as a US diplomat and she grew up in Japan, Indonesia, Sudan, Rwanda and Ghana – Ghana was Robin’s favorite team to win the World Cup for obvious reasons.  After returning to the States, Robin finished high school in Maryland and received her undergraduate degree in History from Stanford and then followed it up with a Master’s in Public Administration from the UofA.  Robin is also fluent in American Sign Language and excited to mentor deaf students at CCC. 

Robin is a university citizen in the truest sense.  She has been nominated twice for NAU’s President’s Award for Outstanding Service and identified five years in a row by NAU freshmen as someone who “Made a Difference”.  Service has been part of her life since her earliest years.  While interviewing for this article Robin’s modesty was apparent and refreshing.  She was anything but boastful and at times even uncomfortable having the attention on her.  Robin is grateful to have such a robust life and makes a point of giving back as often as she can. She has served two terms on SPAC, but Robin’s service extends far beyond the campus borders.  She is a charter member of the Church of the Resurrection and helped to facilitate a NAU campus ministry and regularly volunteers with the Flagstaff High School Boys Basketball Program.

Drop Robin an email at and she would be happy to show you around CCC’s Lonetree campus.

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