Service Professional Spotlight

Dave Finney, Administrative Director of the Cline Library

Dave Finney

Dave Finney is the Administrative Director of Cline Library. He has also been very involved in the Service Professional Advisory Council, having served as a member and as chair in recent years. Dave has been at NAU for 13 years, all of them at Cline and he shared some thoughts on his own position, service professionals and life.

You are the Administrative Director of the Cline Library. What does that mean? What are your responsibilities?

The primary 3 areas of responsibility are: fiduciary responsibilities of the Library's budgets [state, localand foundation accounts], oversight and compliance for all hiring of staff [classified staff, service professionals and academic professionals], and building management for the second largest building on campus.

What new things are on the horizon for the library? What is new and exciting?

We've just finished moving 50 employees to new offices - a situation over 14 years since the renovation of Cline Library where we had put this person here, this one there because of office space and the result was several units were in different areas and many folks who need to work together often, were 400 ft away or on a different floor. So two weeks of moving, painting, cleaning, and re-keying is over - let the good work begin!

Other stuff: A $175,000 electronic database is coming - JSTOR - one that serves many disciplines; compliments of the Provost!!! We are having a new fire alarm system installed - the control panel for the one we had fried and the proprietary software for it is unserviceable, so we get a whole new one!

What is your take on "Service Professionals"?

I view us as, in the classic business model, middle managers. We make things happen for our departments by motivating our staff and making our superiors look really good. It's an interesting place to be and often under-appreciated.

How do you see Service Professionals contributing to NAU and our campus goals?

With such a variety of positions, it's difficult to generalize, but I'll try. Professionally, our performance goals and objectives should reflect the campus goals wherever possible. With a name like SERVICE we have to be customer-service driven as well as make time and achieve success in extraordinary service to the campus - whether participating in the United Way Annual Campaign or as a member of SPAC or any other contribution.

What else would you like to tell people about yourself?

As little as possible..... but this grandfather of 4, father of 4 [2 of whom are in the military], married 34 wonderful years the finest woman on Earth, almost got my $1.4 million saved for retirement [how about you?], and looking forward to a great hiking season in the summer....that's probably more what you're looking for ;-)

For many of us on SPAC, Dave Finney has helped us remain focused on what has been done in the past and to build on our success. He brings a great deal of experience and insight and we are appreciative of all of his contributions. Although he recently left the Council after many years we continue to call on him when we need his experience and expertise to help in our work. We are fortunate to have Dave Finney as our colleague and we wish him the best in his continued work on our campus.

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