SPAC Update

Vol. 2, No. 4 | December 1, 2007 


Service Professional Spotlight | SPAC Website Gets a Makeover | Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee Recommends Ombuds Office | Save the Date: 2008 Employee Conference

Service Professional Spotlight


Photo of Kathy Yaeger

Kathy Yeager, Distance Learning Area Coordinator

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Members of SPAC are often asked, "Who else is a Service Professional? What do other Service Professionals do?" With those questions in mind, we are adding a new feature to our newsletter that will spotlight a different Service Professional with each edition.

This edition's spotlight is on Distance Learning Area Coordinator, Kathy Yeager. Kathy works on the the campuses of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Community Colleges, sharing the message that NAU is serving the greater Phoenix area.

"We do a lot of outreach," says Kathy. "People think that Distance Learning is just online programs. We are constantly talking about NAU’s physical presence in Maricopa County, just sharing that we have face-to-face programs, too. People are always surprised when they realize what we offer." Read more...

SPAC Website Gets a Makeover

The SPAC web site was revamped this summer to fall in line with the look and feel of the University home page.  The new site contains all of the information our old site had, in an easy-to-navigate format.  Visit the site to learn about our mission, contact a member, or to see our meeting schedule, agendas and minutes.

Two new features of the SPAC website are the Announcements page, for general announcements that may be of interest to NAU Service Professionals, and the Newsletter page, where you can find our current newsletter as well as an archive that dates back to the 2005-2006 academic year.

Bookmark our site and visit often!    

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SPAC Website

Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee Recommends Ombuds Office

Early this year, SPAC and CSAC formed a sub-committee called the Alternative Dispute Resolution Feasibility Committee. The committee was formed in response to the 2006 SPAC survey, in which 42% of respondents said they were interested in having a mediation program for staff, as well as ongoing inquiries to CSAC concerning the lack of any alternative dispute resolution service at the university.  The sub-committee’s goal was to conduct a needs assessment and make a recommendation to university administration based on the findings.

Committee members worked through the spring to develop the needs assessment, and conducted the research over the summer.  The committee is finalizing the report at this time, however felt the preliminary results were strong enough to move forward with a recommendation to the President. The committee has recommended that university administration open an Ombuds office for staff that includes mediation and training as two core services.

The full report will be posted to the SPAC website when it is complete.

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Save the Date: 2008 Employee Conference

SPAC Conference

The Summer Conference has changed its name to the Employee Conference and will now be a collaborative effort of Human Resources, Enrollment Management/Student Affairs, the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC) and Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC). This year’s Employee Conference, "Sustaining Ourselves, Our Work, Our World." will be held on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 - save the date!

Based on the positive feedback from last year’s conference, this event will be held in the same half-day format. Sessions will be repeated in the morning and the afternoon so that more people will have an opportunity to attend despite their busy schedules.

A variety of breakout sessions for personal and professional development will be presented along with a luncheon where all morning and afternoon attendees will come together. All NAU staff and faculty are welcome to participate. 

Watch for more information about this exciting professional development opportunity.

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