SPAC Update

Vol. 4, No. 1 | November 3, 2008 


Letter from the Chair |SPEED Project - Inn at NAU Renovation | Service Professional Spotlight | Service Professional Survey

Letter from the Chair

My Dear Service Professional Colleagues,

Another academic year is upon us. I’d like to say a few words here on behalf of your colleagues on the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC).

We know you’re out there occupying unique positions within the NAU community and providing services that are critical to the university mission. Perhaps you are the only service professional in your unit. Perhaps it just seems that way. You might be surprised to learn there are over 500 service professionals at NAU.

As our mission statement states, SPAC is dedicated to advocating for service professionals. This year, part of our advocacy involves a concerted effort of outreach to all service professionals. If you’re new to NAU, a SPAC member will be knocking on your door to say welcome and to introduce you to the SPAC mission. If you’re an old hand, we hope you’ll let us know when you have a question or a concern.

For both new and seasoned service professionals, I encourage you to participate in our online survey which will be distributed November 5. We conduct surveys biennially to solicit input from all service professionals. The results of the survey guide SPAC advocacy efforts and help us design workshops that meet your professional needs.


Mission Statement

So, I encourage you to view SPAC as the advocacy agent it is. I invite you to attend the monthly SPAC meetings (date/time/locations are posted on our website at Stay in touch. Let us know what’s on your mind. You can reach us by e-mail at or you can call me directly at 523-8927.


Tom Carpenter
SPAC Chair and
Director of Graduate Admissions and Services

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SPEED Project - Inn at NAU Renovation

The Inn at NAU will be renovated as part of NAU's $170 million share of the SPEED project. The renovation team has been selected and the work has begun on what will be an exciting new chapter of student service from the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

The team is working with architects and the construction company to implement their vision of a "homey, comfortable space" that includes the retention of the living room and dining area for student space and a place to have fireside chats with students and industry partners. The plans also include two large, 60-seat classrooms and a new demo kitchen complete with windows that will allow prospective students to see what's going on without disrupting classes.

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Service Professional Spotlight

Steve Saville, Business Development Director, The Lumberjack Student Newspaper

“Trying to harness the creative energy of over a hundred really sharp NAU students is a challenge I compare to trying to herd cats!”

Steve Saville has been inspiring students in the Student Media Center in the School of Communications for the past three years. As an NAU alum, he is often reminded of the tremendous experiences he received as a sales rep for The Lumberjack student newspaper 25 years ago.

“I was able to enter into my career with an edge over the competition from the invaluable lessons I learned by working on The Lumberjack, and to this day, I still draw from those experiences.”   More...

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And the Survey says… You asked and SPAC Delivered

It’s survey time again! The 2008 Service Professional survey will be opened November 5 and the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC) is again asking for your input.

In 2006, SPAC distributed a survey encouraging your input on issues you deemed important. As a result of your response, SPAC quantified your needs and delivered the following results:

  • In response to your interest in seeing a conflict resolution service implemented on campus, SPAC and CSAC formed the Alternative Dispute Resolution committee. The committee conducted a needs assessment and recommended the reinstatement of the Ombuds office. The recommendation was approved and is currently on the list of university priorities when funding becomes available.
  • SPAC hosted the 2006 employee development conference, "Mountains of Possibilities" and was involved in the cooperative effort of the 2007 conference, "Sustaining Ourselves, Our Work, Our World," providing professional development opportunities in areas such as supervisory skills, personal growth and university business.
  • Based on positive feedback, SPAC continued to host the highly successful Brown Bag Lunch series, and presented on strategic planning, maintaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace, diversity,  sustainability, and several other topics.

Let us know what is on your mind.  You will be notified by email when the survey is available.  Please take five minutes out of your busy schedule to respond to it.  The survey results effectively direct the Council’s efforts to best serve your needs.

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