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Steve Saville, Business Development Director, The Lumberjack Student Newspaper

Steve Saville


“Trying to harness the creative energy of over a hundred really sharp NAU students is a challenge I compare to trying to herd cats!”

Steve Saville has been inspiring students in the Student Media Center in the School of Communications for the past three years. As an NAU alum, he is often reminded of the tremendous experiences he received as a sales rep for The Lumberjack student newspaper 25 years ago.

“I was able to enter into my career with an edge over the competition from the invaluable lessons I learned by working on The Lumberjack, and to this day, I still draw from those experiences.”

Saville came back to NAU after a successful career in publishing in the local Flagstaff market. He was the president and publisher of Mountain Living Magazine and the creator and publisher of Flagstaff Live! After 10 years he sold the publishing companies to Pultizer Corporation and continued as the Sales and Marketing Director for the Flagstaff Publishing Company.

His desire to return to the birthplace of his career was finally realized when his consulting company was hired to restructure The Lumberjack student newspaper and his position was created to ensure the quality experience for current NAU students.

Since his arrival at NAU, The Lumberjack has been able to double its advertising revenues while being nationally recognized through multiple advertising and editorial awards across the country.

“I think the hardest adjustment upon my arrival at NAU was to learn how to empower the students to find within themselves their own abilities and skill sets.”

“As an entrepreneur, you do everything yourself, but empowering students required me to learn a whole new skill set, but when you see a students face light up upon them finding their own abilities within themselves is as rewarding of anything I have achieved.”

Saville continues to challenge his students through the creation of new ways to communicate with our community. The Lumberjack staff has created a series of new products for their advertising clients and the readers that they serve. Orientation guides, homecoming guides, new student survival guides and the NAU Class Schedule are just a few products that his student staff has published.

Currently Saville and the students from the Student Media Center, that includes KJACK radio and NAU Live TV, are working on a great project that includes the entire Flagstaff community. NAZ Today has recently begun airing Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m. on Channel 4 and 59 that features local news for the entire community. Jan Petrie and Lee Born have joined the team to help teach and prepare a local newscast while teaching NAU students how to prepare, write, shoot and edit a daily news broadcast. NAZ Today was created as a way to not only teach students, but in response to Channel 2 going off the air leaving a void in our local market for TV news.

As a way to stay current with the ever-changing communications industry, Saville is also involved with bring together all student media under one umbrella of convergence media. Establishing a centralized news desk that assigns reporters and photographer’s stories that will be distributed through a variety of channels including video, audio, print and web.

“Our industry has to change to meet the demand of the end user and it is our mission to prepare our students to enter the workforce with the knowledge and experience this industry demands.”

On the outside, Saville is an avid fly-fisherman, archery hunter and a supporter of all outdoor activities. He is also committed to the community of Flagstaff by donating his time as the president of the Flagstaff Family Food Center, president –elect for the Flagstaff Rotary Club, vice president of the Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance, as well as, the past board member of the United Way, YMCA, GFEC and many more community posts. Saville was also selected as an outstanding alum in 2000 and delivered the NAU commencement address that same year.

He has been married to another fellow alum Jill for over 21 years and they have one beautiful daughter Bailey who is a junior at Sinagua High School.

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