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For Further Info Contact:
Dr. Miguel Vasquez, Coordinator
Southwest Studies Program
NAU Box 15200
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(520) 523-9506

Northern Arizona University has developed a new academic/residential life experience highlighting 'People in the Southwest landscape'.

As part of the revitalized Southwest Studies Minor - an interdisciplinary program that examines relationships between people and the places in the Southwest, it will provide students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to study the region from environmental socio-cultural, humanistic, and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

The Southwest is a unique and rapidly developing area of the united States. It offers a remarkably diverse and fragile landscape with an ancient and continuous record of human habitation and the juncture of three major human cultural traditions Indigenous, Hispanics and Anglo in a region growing faster than any other in the country.

NAU's objective is to prepare our students to be active and conscientious citizens in this culturally diverse society, characterized as is is, by complex environmental, social, cultural, historical and humanistic issues.

Last updated 10/10/00