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For Further Info Contact:
Dr. Miguel Vasquez, Coordinator
Southwest Studies Program
NAU Box 15200
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(520) 523-9506

Southwest Studies Minors also have the option of participating in the Hispanic Presencia residence program. Students from diverse ethnic backgrounds will live in a section of Gabaldon Hall dedicated to fostering the understanding of Hispanic heritage, values, contributions, and relationships to others in the Southwest environment.

Students in the Hispanic Presencia program will be expected to demonstrate an active commitment to the activities that make up the combines academic/residential experience. they will be actively involved in revitalizing Southwest Studies at NAU and strengthening ties to the local Hispanic community.

Exhibitions, presentations, and seminars will provide occasions for students, staff, faculty, and community speakers to exchange ideas and concepts an a variety of shared interests and issues.

This unique residential learning environment will provide a Southwest immersion experience for any undergraduate who has an interest in the following: interdisciplinary & cross-cultural perspectives; cultural, ethnic, & linguistic diversity; race, class & gender relations; service to the community; faculty-to-student and student-to-student mentoring.