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The TAMS Steering Committee was established in February 2000 primarily to provide input regarding air monitoring priorities for tribes across the country. Each of the members come from diverse backgrounds in environmental management and there is an attempt to select professionals who represent different areas of the United States. In addition, the steering committee consists of ex-officio members from NAU-ITEP, EPA R&IE, EPA OAQPS, EPA Regional Tribal Air Coordinators, and EPA Headquarters.

Quarterly meetings are held every year to discuss the progress of the TAMS Center and to provide feedback and input into training courses and technical assistance to tribes. Occasionally, conference calls are held to discuss issues, which need immediate attention and action.

As stated in the TAMS Charter, Responsibilities of the steering committee members include outreach regarding the TAMS Center, getting feedback from tribes and presenting it to TAMS Center staff, and keeping abreast of national and regional air monitoring initiatives as it relates to tribal activities. Each member serves a three-year staggered term and is eligible for re-election if so desired.

Steering committee candidates are nominated by their peers or they can nominate themselves. The existing members then review the nomination forms and select new members based on regional representation, experience in the environmental arena, and availability to serve for three years.

Please refer to the TAMS Charter for additional information regarding the roles of the steering committee.

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