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In addition to the classroom-style training courses offered by ITEP at the TAMS Center, the Center offers a number of technical-support services to assist tribes in their air quality programs.

  • Technical Assistance is provided by the TAMS Center in a number of ways. The TAMS Center has several technical experts on staff available via phone or email for questions and other air monitoring-related requests. The TAMS Center will make an effort to accommodate every request, whether it is through referral to another organization, hands-on training at a tribal site or at the TAMS Center, or through an exchange with another tribe or state/local organization.

  • The TAMS Center provides an equipment loan program service to tribes. The listing of equipment for loan can be accessed here. The equipment is typically loaned to tribes on an annual basis via an Equipment Loan Agreement with the TAMS Center. The equipment loan agreements can be extended on an annual basis depending on the tribe's needs.

  • The Tribal Schools Air Toxics Monitoring Initiative is a more comprehensive extension of the equipment loan program. This service provides equipment to sample utilizing various air toxics monitoring methods to conduct an initial assessment of air toxics pollutants on or near a school. The projects last 60 to 90 days. The air monitoring plan, the quality assurance project plan, and the equipment standard operating procedures are available for projects under this initiative.

  • The Resource Information Center houses documents and other resources for tribal air monitoring programs. Resources include documents dealing with air pollutants and their health effects, monitoring/analysis equipment information, EPA guidance documents, Tribal document templates (such as QAPPs), and other documentation from training courses. The RIC is currently being revised to improve usability.

For more information about TAMS's Services, please contact:
TAMS Center
Tel: 702/784-8264
Email: Darlene.Santos@nau.edu

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