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US EPA - TAMS Center
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Equipment Loans:
The TAMS Center maintains a collection of well maintained and calibrated, EPA-owned monitors available on loan to tribal air programs. Typically, equipment is available for special studies of up to one year. In addition to monitors, we maintain a variety of ancillary equipment. Specific models, quantities, and time spans for loans can be arranged through direct contact with TAMS Center staff, who can also help you to choose the best option(s) for your specific needs.

Available equipment includes:
  • PM10 and PM2.5 MiniVols
  • Indoor-air investigative tools (consistent with tools presented at the ITEP Indoor Air Quality course)
  • Multi-pollutant monitors (PM, Ozone)
  • A variety of ancillary equipment

We make every effort to maintain loan equipment in the best possible working condition. We ask that tribes who borrow equipment return it in comparable condition. Recipients of loaned equipment are responsible for repairing damaged equipment as a result of abuse or improper care during the loan period.

For more information contact:
Farshid Farsi
US EPA - TAMS Center
4220 S. Maryland Parkway, Bldg C
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702)784-8263
Email: Farsi.Farshid@epa.gov
Daniel Ruehle
Las Vegas, NV 89193
Phone: (702)784-8268
Email: Ruehle.Daniel@epa.gov

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