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Filter-Weighing Lab:
The TAMS Center offers PM filter-weighing services for the tribes at the TAMS gravimetric laboratory located with the EPA R&IE National Laboratory. Designed to assist tribes who are starting PM programs, the Lab offers technical weighing services and support on data management and validation. Laboratory support is offered at no cost and includes filters required for the project (including field and lab blanks) and filter shipment to/from the field. (Note: filter weighing services are currently available only for 47mm filters). The Gravimetric Lab provides these services only to tribes associated with the TAMS Center; it is not available for commercial use.

Effective Spring 2010 a revised policy paper was enacted by the TAMS Steering Committee members to enhance the use of the lab in an equitable manner by all tribes.

Gravimetric Lab downloads:
    Gravimetric Lab Guidance Policy
    Gravimetric Lab Service Application

For more information contact:
Farshid Farsi
US EPA - TAMS Center
4220 S. Maryland Parkway, Bldg C
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702)784-8263
Email: Farsi.Farshid@epa.gov

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