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US EPA - TAMS Center
4220 S. Maryland Parkway
Bldg C
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 784-8264
Fax: (702) 784-8201
Professional Assistance:
The TAMS Center offers specialized individual support for tribal air quality managers on a variety of technical topics, from emissions inventories to monitor maintenance to met-station siting. Support is available both onsite at tribal locations, at the TAMS technical training center, and via phone and e-mail communication. PA individual support is not meant to replace ITEP classroom training; rather, it supplements ITEP courses with individualized assistance on specific technical issues not covered in-depth in the classroom.

The TAMS Center's PA Program addresses the following technical topics:
  • Monitor operation and maintenance
  • Monitor siting
  • Met stations
  • Calibrations and audits
  • Data management
  • AQS support
  • QA/QC and QAPP
  • Emissions Inventory & TEISS support
  • Other related issues
To request PA assistance, or wish to discuss PA support, contact TAMS Center at the information below.

Small-Group Training: The TAMS Center can also arrange customized training for small-groups on a variety of air quality topics.

For more information about TAMS Center, please contact:
TAMS Center
Tel: 702/784-8264
Email: Darlene.Santos@nau.edu

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