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How to Navigate the Resource Information Center (RIC)

The RIC has several different methods you can use to search resources. You can access these tools either through the drop down menu above, or by clicking on one of the petroglyph icons.

What Does Each Tool Do?

RIC Tribal SearchTribal:
Use this search tool if you are interested in looking ONLY for documents that were authored by or for a tribe.

RIC General SearchGeneral:
Every document and resource in the RIC is assigned to a very generalized category, such as "air" or "environmental justice." From this page you can select a general category, and then choose a more specific topic in order to refine your overall search. For example, you may use this search if you are interested in finding quality assurance/quality control documents related to air programs.

RIC Subjects SearchSubjects:
The subject search allows you to choose directly from the specific topics, rather than first selecting a generalized category, as you would with the "General" searching tool. For example, you may use this search if you are interested in finding any quality assurance/quality control documents, whether they are related to air programs, water programs, etc.

RIC Text SearchText:
This searching tool allows you to search by keyword, author, or the document title. The keyword method is the most robust of all the search tools. For example, if you are interested in finding all documents concerning mercury, you may use the keyword search. Generally, you will find more documents by using the keyword search instead of the "Subject" searching tool, since each document is associated with multiple keywords, but only one subject. For example, a document about the health effects of air pollutants, including mercury, may have a subject of Health Concerns from Air Pollution and would not be found by selecting "Mercury (Hg)" using the "Subject" searching tool. Acronyms may be used in the keyword search; entering "Mercury" or "Hg" will return the same documents.

RIC Browse SearchBrowse:
Selecting browse will take you to an alphabetized page, where you can, for example, scroll through every document with a title beginning with the letter "d."


Last updated: March 11, 2005