Courses, Software & Tools:
The TAMS Center and partners, such as the Western Regional Air Partnership, have developed a powerful suite of air-management software tools that are available to the tribes at no cost. Training is available to help tribal air professionals get up to speed on the software, via organized classroom sessions, online training and guidance, and informally by arrangement with ITEP staff.

Tribal Emissions Inventory Software Solution (TEISS): TEISS software provides a guided template for creating a tribal emissions inventory. For more information, contact

Turbo-QAPP: Turbo-QAPP is a program that assists tribal air professionals in writing their own Quality Assurance Project Plans. The interactive program "asks" users a series of questions to create a QAPP, guiding the user. It writes user-entered material into a text file (including multiple entries to minimize repetitive entries) that can be printed and modified, and includes extensive help files, definitions, and lists of options. For more information, contact

For more information about TAMS's Software and Tools, please contact:
TAMS Center
Tel: 702/784-8264

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