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Climate change impacts are being felt throughout Indian Country. These impacts require that society adapt to the changing environment in order to safeguard our communities and resources.

Climate change adaptation means adapting to changes brought on by climate change.

Meanwhile climate mitigation is the act of reducing greenhouse gases emissions, which drive climate change.

Both adaptation and mitigation should be done simultaneously to prepare for changes and prevent further changes in the climate system. In some instances, the two efforts are complimentary. Take for instance development of renewable energy on tribal lands. Renewable energy reduces a nation's reliance on fossil fuels and increases their energy sovereignty. It also reduces damaging greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon dioxide, methane gas, fluorinated gases, and nitrous oxide) that drive climate change.

TAKE ACTION to halt climate change and protect the environment!

Contact your local, state, or federal representatives to voice your concerns about climate change

Congressional Committees:
Energy & Commerce Committee (House of Representatives)
Natural Resources (House of Representatives)
Energy and Natural Resources (Senate)
Environment and Public Works (Senate)

The Presidentís Climate Task Force is working on a variety of climate-focused initiatives. Learn more here:
State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force On Climate Preparedness and Resilience:

Get involved with Tribal Climate Change initiatives!

Measure your carbon footprint and learn about ways to minimize your footprint!

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