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Functional User Group (FUG) Meetings
The Advantage 3 FUG typically meets the 4rd Thursday every month at 1:30 p.m. The group consists of a Core Functional Group and other end-users interested in providing input and staying informed on Advantage related issues. All Advantage users are welcome to attend any of the FUG meetings (see schedule below) and/or sign up for the Advantage3 Team List Serve for e-mail updates and weekly FUG meeting notes (see listserv instructions at:

Functional User Group Meeting Schedule

To view the FUG user group meeting schedule, open your Outlook Calendar open the Gammage Conference Rm 107 calendar as shown below:

Click OK and the Gammage Conference Rm 107 calendar appears in your Other Calendars. Select the calendar and look for the keyword “FUG” in the search field. Click Find Now and the meetings will appear in the panel shown below:

Core Functional Group
Name Responsibility Area


Anton Ciochetti, Comptroller's Office General Accounting


Brent Helsel, Comptroller's Office COA and General Accounting


John Rabe, Comptroller's Office Payroll and Fixed Assets


Rosanna Ruiz, Comptroller's Office Security Administrator & Training


Gerry Barela, Comptroller's Office Training & Travel


Becky McGaugh, Purchasing Procurement


Dani Champagne, Sponsored Project Accounting Cost Accounting


Kevin Johnson, Sponsored Projects Cost Accounting


Alisa Badenhorst, Budget Office Budget


Susan Weaverling, Accounts Payable Accounts Payable


Marj Lacy, Provost Office End User


Dena Servis, Distance Learning End User


Wendy Swartz, Comptroller's Office Financial Controls



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