Security Form Help

DATE:   Enter Today's Date.

NAU Authentication ID:   This is your NAU account id. If you have a dana or jan account it proceeds the @ symbol. If you are unsure of your id, call 3-1511.

Name:   Enter you legal name here, please do not use nicknames or aliases.

Work Phone:   The desk phone where we can reach you.

NAU E-mail Address:   NAU email addresses only, please.

Dept(s) Access:   3-digit department code(s) under which you are requesting access to create and modify Advantage 3 Departmental Purchasing, Travel, and Transfer documents (Agency code used on the SUSF page in Adv2 to enter documents, e.g.,BIO, NUR, BUS). If you need access to departments that fall under multiple Jurisdictional Budget Managers, you will need to fill out separate security forms and have each signed by the appropriate Jurisdictional Manager.

Supervisor Name and Phone:   This is your supervisor. Information here is required for your access to be approved.

Temporary Access:   For temporary employees and students. Please provide a date when access should begin and a date when access should end.

SUPERVISORS ONLY:   For Supervisor Use Only. Check box for removal of all security access for employee.

FERPA requirement:   In order to protect the confidentiality of educational records and students' rights to privacy, and in keeping with federal regulations and standard operating procedures at most national institutions of higher education in the US, NAU has adopted a policy that requires all employees who have access to the student information system to complete a tutorial on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, FERPA. Failure to complete the required tutorial can mean the prevention or revocation of security access to the student information system.

SECURITY ROLES:   Check the box for the appropriate work function. You will receive access for all documents listed under the role. Please refer to Security Roles, for further information.

APPROVALS:   Check the appropriate box.
None = you can create, validate and submit documents for approval.
Department = you can create, validate, and approve documents. You will have authority to approve documents in your department for associates that have "None" approvals.
VP = the approval level for the Jurisdictional Budget Manager, for documents over $10,000.

Employee Signature:   Required.

Supervisors Signature:   Required.

Jurisdictional Budget Manager Signature:   Required. Please refer to Jurisdictional Budget Managers Reference.

Vice President Signature:   Only needed for third level approval authorization for PD or RQS documents. The use of third level approval is for purchases over $10,000.00.

Travel Instructional Trainer Signature (final signature):   Required for those who request the security role "NAUTRV". Approval will be applied by the Advantage Security Administrator after verifying userís completion of instructor-led travel training class.


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