Advantage training is delivered via online tutorials, NAU WebCT Vista courses and through instructor led training. Users may request temporary access to the Advantage Training environment if they wish to practice document processing learned online or through instructor led classes. Please contact Gerry Barela for instructions on accessing the training environment.

Advantage Online Documentation

The Advantage Documentation Website is designed to provide users with step by step instructions for Advantage navigation and documentation processing. The website also provides links to related business process and policy information.

Advantage WebCT Vista Course

The Advantage web course is designed to provide users with a basic understanding of Advantage navigation, accounting concepts and document processing. Training materials include voice enhanced Power Point tutorials and document processing video demonstration. The Power Point tutorials provide background information for the document processing demonstration videos. As such, it is recommended that users complete the Power Point tutorials before viewing the corresponding document processing video (printable versions of the power point documents can be found below).

Self-Assessment Quizzes
Users are required to complete self-assessment quizzes in order for their security to be activated. The self-assessment quizzes can be taken multiple times, but users must answer 4 of the 5 questions correctly to pass the quiz. All users must pass the Navigation and Accounting quizzes in order to move on to the document processing quizzes. Users only need to pass the document processing quizzes for the documents to which they are requesting document security.

To log on to the Advantage WebCT Vista course please visit the site below. All current Advantage users have been loaded to the course, so all you need to sign on is your JAN id.

If you have trouble accessing the course, please contact Gerry Barela

Purchasing Policy WebCT Vista Course

Users requesting security for purchasing documents (Security Role NAUPUR) will be required to take a Purchasing Policy course and quiz via the Purchasing Policy WebCT Vista Course.

To sign up for the required purchasing policy training course, send an e-mail to with "Training Enrollment" in the subject line and your jan ID in the message body. Purchasing will send you a confirmation e-mail with notification that you have been enrolled and instructions detailing how to proceed.

Instructor Led Sessions

Advantages instructor led training sessions are scheduled through ITS Learning & Professional Development website Classes typically include beginning processing, advanced processing and open lab (at yr-end). Classes are scheduled based on demand. Please contact Gerry Barela to inquire on upcoming classes if none are scheduled through ITS.

Printable versions of WebCT Vista Power Point documents:


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