Course Objective:

  1. State and Federal Laws
  2. TSC Rules & Regulations
  3. Driver responsibilities
  4. Development of Accident Review Board
  5. Laws & Liability

Driving Safety:

  1. What to watch for while driving
  2. Basic vehicle control
  3. Braking distance
  4. Winter driving

  5. Accident procedures
  6. Staying alert
  7. Emergency procedures
  8. Seat belts

Vehicle Weight

  1. Loaded / Unloaded
  2. Luggage Racks
  3. Trailer towing

Passenger Safety

  1. Seat belts
  2. Fueling
  3. Distractions while driving

Training sessions are offered either in the morning or afternoon. Each session will last between 3 and 4 hours.

  • Classroom -- 1 hour
  • Skill Test -- 1 1/2 hours
  • Road Test -- 1 1/2 hours

Upon completion of training, and providing your driver passes the training, that driver will be issued a certification card good for 2 years.

FS - Transportation Service Center

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