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  • Welcome to the traffic portion of the NAU Police web site. This page is designed to provide drivers with information on rules of the road and traffic laws, as well as safety tips. We encourage you to submit questions that you may have. Visit this site monthly for new and exciting traffic information.

    Speed Trailer

    The Police Department obtained a Speed Awareness Monitor in January 2003, thanks to a grant from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety. The Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) is an educational tool used to reduce traffic violations and collisions by encouraging voluntary compliance with posted speed limits. The department regularly analyzes traffic related data to determine location, time, and factors contributing to collisions. As needed, the department initiates educational and enforcement activities, to include the Speed Awareness Monitor, to reduce traffic violations and collisions in identified problem areas. The university community may also request the placement of the SAM in their particular residential and/or work area by calling our Community Relations Office at 523-9995.

    Drunk Driving? How drunk is too drunk?

    Arizona law does not require a person to have a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater in order for a driver to be considered driving under the influence. Any driving impairment as a result of a substance may constitute a DUI. The following Intoxilyzer is an entertaining way to see what a person might register as using their body weight, time between drinks and other variables.

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    1. Have good tread on all tires.
    2. Check windshield wipers and defrosters.
    3. Be sure to have tire chains and other equipment such as an ice scraper, small shovel, and sand (or kitty litter) for placing under tires when stuck in the snow.
    4. Keep headlights on low beam for better vision in fog and blowing snow.
    5. Keep windows clear of ice and snow and clean headlights occasionally (The 6 inches you scrape with your credit card is not enough visibility!)
    6. In heavy snow, start in low gear and continue in low until well under way.
    7. Approach curves with extra caution.
    8. Always allow plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you. Example: If you are driving 25 mph on dry asphalt, it takes about 26 feet to stop. If you are driving 25 mph on ice or loose snow, it takes about 208 feet to stop. (If you're interested in the math behind this, e-mail Missy and she will be happy to share the equations.)

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    Arizona Automobile Theft Authority

    Arizona Automobile Theft Authority. This is a valuable program designed to help us reduce stolen cars. It can help YOU keep YOUR car! Basically you register your car, then it is marked in a way that law enforcement can see that it participates in this program. If we see the car driving around a predetermined hours that you would not usually be operating you car, we will stop and check to make sure YOU are operating your car, and not a bad guy that has taken off in it. Check it out!

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