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march 6, 2015


ALCOHOL OFFENSE: On 03/06/15 at 03:57, Officer Park
checked out with three subjects on the Urban Trail near San

Three students criminally deferred for
MIC. Refer to DR# N15-00271.

Criminally Deferred
07:15 DAMAGE TO STATE PROPERTY: On 03/06/2015 at 07:15
hours, an employee from Shuttle Services called to report damage
to two NAU buses that ran into snowbanks on 03/05/2015. One
occurred in Lot 66 at 10:30 hours. The second occurred in Lot 64
at 02:30 hours.
Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
Information was provided.
Information Only
08:05 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 03/06/2015 at 08:05 hours, an
employee walked-in to NAUPD to report graffiti on the building
at Reilly Hall that occurred at an unknown date and time within
the last week.

Officer Greenwald was dispatched.
Closed/leads exhausted. Refer to DR#

Closed Leads Exhausted
13:31 DRUG OFFENSE: On 03/06/2015 at 13:31 hours, an employee
from Gillenwater Hall called to report a marijuana odor coming
from one of the rooms.
Sgt. Sorenson and Officer Greenwald
were dispatched. One subject was criminally deferred for possession of
drug paraphernalia. Refer to DR#
Criminally Deferred
14:47 CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On 03/06/15 at 14:47, a staff member
reported graffiti at Cowden Hall. Occurred between 3/3/15 at
17:00 and 03/06/15 at 07:00.
Officer Anderson was dispatched. Refer to DR # 15-00276. Closed/Leads
Closed Leads Exhausted
17:09 DRUG OFFENSE: On 03/06/15 at 17:09, an off duty NAUPD
officer reported a vehicle with the odor of marijuana.
Officer Anderson was dispatched.
Vehicle was gone upon arrival.
Information Only
19:08 THEFT: On 03/06/15 at 19:08, a subject called to report the card reader was stolen from Prochnow Auditorium between 18:45 and
18:47 on 03/06/15.
Officer Anderson was dispatched.
Reference DR# N15-00277, closed leads
Closed Leads Exhausted
21:14 THEFT: On 03/06/15 at 21:14, staff at the Health and Learning
Center called on behalf of a student whose jack’s card had been stolen on 03/06/15 at 1900.
Officer Anderson was dispatched.
Reference DR# N15-00278, closed leads
exhausted. Card was deactivated by
Closed Leads Exhausted
23:07 THEFT: On 03/06/15 at 23:07, a RA at McKay Village called to report the theft of multiple building number plaques. Sgt. Tritschler was dispatched. Officer Park and USA’s assisted. Reference
DR# N15-00279. RHD was notified and will advise Residence Life
administration; closed leads exhausted.
Closed Leads Exhausted

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